The Conjuring EP

by Malphas

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released February 24, 2015

Paul DeSanctis - Vocals/Guitars/Symphonic Programming
Damian DiFrancesco - Guitars/Backing Vocals
Dave Gugliemi - Bass
Eric Dunleavy - Drums

Lyrics by Paul DeSanctis



all rights reserved


Malphas Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Founded in 2012 by Paul DeSanctis and Eric Dunleavy. Accompanied by Dave Guglielmi in 2013, and Damian DiFrancesco in 2014. The Conjuring EP released in February 2015. Full-length album TBA.

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Track Name: The Conjuring
Twilight engulfs the black temple
Enshrouded; condemned by a land enslaved
Shackled by bonds of ancient lore
Their feet without blisters, their morals depraved

Blackbirds encircle the altar
Silhouettes on the canvas of a bleeding sky
Adhering the call of their master
With passion I take the oath
Willing to die

I beseech you Raven, thy presence and will
Jet black is the forsaken sky
Let wings take flight
Azure threads bind eyes
Above the heavens, together we'll fly

Avatars of his divinity
Possessed by his seal, they'll transcend
Their talons the knives of assassins
Their lewd cries the omens of death

Evoked by the twilight
He'll stand before my eyes
Engulf this wretched landscape
Of pestilence and lies

[Solo: Damian]

Appoint me as the butcher
A god amongst the pigs
Writhing in the muds of defamation
And perverted faith

Shape-shifting before me
I feel our affinity merge black dimensions between us

[Solo: Paul]

[Solo: Damian]

Under the cover of darkness
Allegiances sealed in nocturnal rites
Below the darkest depths I will descend
Relieved of this world and its plight

Blackbirds depart from the altar
Silhouettes on the canvas of a moonlit sky
Adhering the will of their master
With passion I take the oath
Ready to die
Track Name: Shards of Truth
Step into the fold
Immaculate child
Witness and behold
The everlasting fire

Eternally they yearn
Hear their anguish
Forever they will burn
To rot and languish

Taste this hallowed crust
And the red nectar
Proclaim me as your God
Or grieve forever

Take this holy vow
Pledge allegiance
Before me you will bow
Fall to your knees

The colors fade in the October sky
His twilight gleam shines
Oh, it shines so bright...
The truth is shards of our frayed reality
Hear my call
Grant me life in fire

[Solo: Paul]

Blinded are their eyes
They will never claim their mortal ties
And surrender

My father's name a tale
Of their corruption
Against me they will fail
And face destruction

My legions, they await
At my command
Strike them down with hate
By my black hand

Feast within my hall
My insignia draped upon the walls
We will prevail

[Solo: Paul]

Beneath the staircase of salvation rests my blackened gates
Through sacrilegious deeds of hatred shall you find your way
Ignorance fills blinded eyes; the lust to witness the unseen
I am above all of your feeble kind and piteous being
Track Name: Legions
Infernal desolation; the state of my domain
Extending past the landscape for as far as I can see
You hear my name and tremble
As my presence shadows overhead
Submit to my malice
The blood will flow in streams of red

Wrath ignites
Becoming the war I wage against the light
Forty legions of destruction
Rape the light of Christ

Fallen spirits decimated
Left to die amongst the flames
Whispers devoured in silence
Nothing shall remain

We will avenge them; tortured souls failed by the empty words of God
Children starving, dressed in rags imploring for thy kingdom come
Inverted is the cross; upon it's limbs his impaled flesh will rot
Sever his forked tongue and watch the wasteland torched ablaze

[Solo: Paul]

Upon my alpine towers I rejoice in their demise
You can't escape the shadow of my ever-watching eyes
Building strongholds to endure
And painted on the walls
The symbol of the warlord; to rule when Heaven Falls
Track Name: Visions of the Burning Darkness
Why can I not close my eyes,
And lie my soul down to rest?
As I briefly gaze into oblivion
My flesh and blood disincarnate
Into ashes and dust

In the face of the cosmic void
I'm rendered paralyzed

I damn this black anxiety
That tears at me from within
I'm not prepared for this destiny
Because I'm not ready to die

I will give them no compassion
Only infliction of pain
Around my neck the tension binds
Tightening my chains

In the dawn I'll take form as your shade
By the leave of the sun, all will fade
When I tuck you within my black wings
In death you will stand as a king

I denounce the faith of the hypocrites
And its decrepit book of belief
A tyranny penned by the privileged
Who lavish in spoils of gold

I weep in despair at the prospect
Of the fate of my godless endeavor
To decay in a festering crypt

[Solo: Paul]

[Solo: Damian]
Track Name: Heaven's Fall
Crimson tears of angels fall
Your kingdom set ablaze
The pearly gates of Heaven burn
Forming clouds of ashen haze

I watch the ivory towers crumble
Coming down before my eyes
Pillars crushed beneath the weight
Of anguish, malice, hate, and lies

In a foretold sky of black
I watch it all succumb

You've exploited and used us
A means to an end for your own
Forsaken are the values
You preached to us atop your throne

Puncture the walls!
Bring them down now!

You were a god in my eyes
Upon your shrine, I watched you die
Crushed by a fist of condemnation
The fall of Heaven

In tears bewailed I'm stricken
Failed by dreams of hopeless greed
On tapered horns, my heart impaled
In sinful sorrow, left to bleed

I lusted for your every word
On which I could place no blame
I denounce it, I'll tear it down
With all your ideals set to flame

Bring the walls down!
Make them suffer!

[Solo: Paul]

[Solo: Damian]

[Solo: Paul]

As the flames rose in the night
I stood strong to witness Heaven's Fall